LISP Cache Emulator

The LISP Cache emulator is software that is able to emulate the tasks of LISP xTRs and that is essentially designed to be fed with packet-level Internet traffic. Therefore, like a real LISP router, the emulator needs two data stores, namely the LISP Database and the LISP Cache.

The LISP Database is a manually configured list of internal network prefixes (EIDs), while the LISP Cache stores EID-to-RLOC mapping when there is a request for it and removes it according to the preconfigured expiration rule.

The emulator uses a local BGP prefixes database fed with the list of BGP prefixes published by the iPlane Project. This BGP prefixes database is used to group EID-to-RLOCs mappings with the granularity of existing BGP prefixes.


  1. Install Perl and Net::Patricia module on your Linux system
  2. Install ipsumdump
  3. Add internal network prefixes in config-prefixes.txt
  4. Modify file permission: chmod +x
  5. Try this: cat your_traces.pcap | ipsumdump -t -s -d -S -D -p -l -F --payload -q | ./ -m text -t 60 -g 60 -y no -q no -u 0 -h no


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